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Dating a quiet guy

Sometimes you need to try multiple times to get a shy guy to go out with you, or to kiss you or to sleep with you, not because your shy guy doesn’t like you, but simply because his own insecurities gets in the way.

But with a little persistence and a sense of compromise, you’ll be able to snag that shy guy you’ve always wanted.

(Some guys are better in the morning over coffee, others at the end of the day.) Plan a chat time that's good for both of you and put a limit on it.

A 20-minute chat over coffee gives your guy the assurance that you will cut to the chase and cover the basics of whatever is going on.

It's natural for them to consider all options before they respond.

Some women get frustrated or hurry over the silence.

I’m assuming with this advice that you understand the difference between someone who is shy and someone who is merely quiet, and that the man you’re interested in dating truly is shy in the traditional sense.

And if your man truly is shy, then you’re going to need to take this into account when you decide how, and if, you’re going to date him.

We love when a man Ask your introvert when his best time to talk is.Here are five reasons why introverts make great boyfriends:1.They Listen More Than They Talk Introverted lovers think before they speak.Why does a charismatic ‘bad boy’ have beautiful girls falling all over him?Could a nerdy introvert ever measure up to a sexy bad boy? Extroverted football heroes and other heartthrobs deeply impress some girls.

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It's super important to remember that introverts process information by listening and not talking.