Dating and being exclusive

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Tell him up front who you are and what your concept of a great relationship is and that you are honestly hoping that will happen someday with the right person but you know those little miracles are not usually created by intent.

Let him know that you are serious about your quest but have no intent of asking anyone along who doesn’t feel the same way.

This conversation should consist of (a) your genuine feelings regarding him (b) your idea of what this relationship is and where you’d like it to go and (c) how you both can work together to shift the relationship to “fully committed” status. honest, open communication is KEY in and throughout a healthy relationship. Think of dating a guy as a great adventure Sometime within the first few hours you meet or never.

Most often, the woman that is pushing is insecure within herself and is subconsciously looking for her partner to make her feel secure.

Most often if affection/love is mutual, the “talk” will happen naturally.

If a man is truly into you, he will want to claim you as his own in order to define a line so that you won’t still be out there shopping. Your partner has a fear of commitment based on past experiences 2.

They talked about battle, business, sports, politics, and health.

I cannot remember ever hearing about them talk about women.

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You can think you’ve met the most amazing person in the world and find out he doesn’t even exist or exempt yourself from someone who might be hiding his treasured self to make you search harder.