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With that type of schedule, burnout is a serious concern for Reid. Other casters suffer from this too and it's why Twitch introduced video uploads and playlist features, due out next year (Futureman currently has access to a beta version), to make the life of a pro streamer more manageable.

As welcome as those tools will be, however, Reid isn't exactly sure how helpful they'll prove.

Respective creators Sonja "OMGitsfirefoxx" Reid and Futureman Gaming took different paths to make it into Twitch's highly coveted Partner program, a revenue-sharing system between some 12,000 contracted broadcasters and the service.

How about a corny sci-fi show about a guy sent back from the future to conquer video games before they turn sentient and kill us all? And while those two channels on the livestreaming service are different from one another, they share a commonality: Each requires a grueling amount of work to produce on a regular basis.

Reid's casts have themes to them like "$uper $ellout $ubscriber $exy $andstorm $undays," where she doles out giveaways for every new 350 followers she gets.

Or a " and Chill" one-off where she and other female streamers, including Hayli Nic, answered dating and sex questions for donors for nearly seven hours, each pledging to call ex-boyfriends on-stream when certain follower thresholds were met.

Since then, she's amassed over 660,000 followers and has become the most popular female broadcaster on the service.

Before he adopted the Futureman Gaming persona, Chris (who prefers we don't disclose his last name) was a full-time second grade teacher at a special needs school in New York City.Ahead of his channel launch last September, he posted a cryptic message to the Twitch subreddit saying that he'd come from the future to save humanity from video games.He also linked to a charmingly lo-fi video that serves as his intro for broadcasts."I wanted to do something that people would get excited about," he said.But it was to no great effect -- he still only had a modest 2,000 followers and a crew of about 30 regulars who'd hang out in chat during his broadcasts.

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Reid began streaming mid-2013 while working retail, but it wasn't until she joined a daily , that her popularity began to soar.