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We do it better.""Grace Point Behavioral provides medication management & counseling services to Montgomery & its surrounding counties.

We do it better.""Imagine what your life would be like if you could respond to situations appropriately instead of reacting!

Abordo is a psychiatrist who provides psychiatric assessment and medication management to adults and the elderly.

He is board certified in both adult and geriatric psychiatry.

I want to clients improve their quality of life by finding meaning and purpose, confidence, self-esteem, improved interpersonal relationships, and hope.

After graduation, I joined the faculty where I was an attending psychiatrist and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry 2010-2013.""I received a scholarship to study medicine at the University of Wroclaw Medical Academy in Poland.My practice provides a relaxed and private environment, and invites you to walk together in a journey to create change and experience recovery.I believe in the synergy between your mind and body, and I offer customized psychiatric (medically based) and therapeutic (counseling) treatments.Ready to try a new treatment option for anxiety after trauma as in PTSD? We are on a mission to deliver compassionate, high quality, behavioral health care.Our Somatic Psychotherapist, Sara Darby Smith is ready to guide you through gentle Yoga & Deep breathing exercises, using your body & mind for self healing. We focus on your needs, we meet them & hope to exceed your expectations.

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