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The promo code is “Jude2,” and all information can be found on their website linked previously.

Destiny Community Con was able to raise over 0,000, detailed in a report.

Just like last year, an art gallery is an option for young artists.

It’s 0 for space on the wall, which the artist can profit from by selling their art. It will feature an event countdown called the “Path of the Attendee,” which attendees can earn achievements for being there.

It will be a charity event that will include more than just the competitive realm.

Popular teams such as i AM, Bomb Squad Kittens, and Tier 1 are already confirmed for the 4v4 tournament.

Fifteen to 20 personalities will be at each meet-and-greet. Three theaters will exist at Guardian Con, but seating is limited. The next theater will be a Q&A Workshop and can hold between 300 and 500 people.

For example, famed Twitch broadcaster Ellohime will be there. Level Up Foods will supply “Guardian Con Survival Pack,” and more information will be available at a later date.

As Murray puts it, celebrating the community is key, then it’s about growing the convention from there. Theatres As mentioned earlier, three theaters will offer everything from a panel on dating to a blockbuster main event involving ,000 for St. The podcast theater will feature eight podcasts each day.

Murray mentioned the addition of a better security process.

Attendees will be subject to any pat-downs, metal detectors, and bag searches.

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Four more teams will be invited, but the eighth team has to win another tournament leading up to Guardian Con.

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