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Selected standard codes for the countries are shown.

There is also an indication of which entities are or are not independent countries.

IOC - The International Olympics Committee code for Yugoslavia changed from YUG to SCG at about the same time as the ISO Alpha-3 code.

The newer GENC standard has retained these variations, but uses ISO-like codes.Its list is coordinated with a list of countries used by the United Nations Statistics Division for reporting purposes. I have also written a page about using ISO 3166-1 in software.If I understand correctly, the organization that defines ISO Alpha-3 and Numeric Codes is actually the U. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) administers top-level domain names (.com, .edu, .org, and so on).if you want to give me some help for the time and effort, THANK can either kick me back directly through paypal using the button below, or if you want to take some MUSIC TOO (even better, yay!

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At the same time, codes were added for the Southern Kuril Islands (a.k.a.

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