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Sharapova dating

That’s a huge reason there’s so much interest in her memoir: People want to read Sharapova’s take on 13 years of losses to Williams and find out whether she thinks she’s capable of beating Williams again.Maria Sharapova is an entertaining tennis player — but more so off the court than on.From 2002 to 2003, when Sharapova was just coming onto the scene, that player was Serena Williams.Williams had just come off what’s known as the “Serena Slam,” a term she coined herself after she won four consecutive Grand Slam tournaments but not within the same calendar year (the term riffs on “Grand Slam,” which a player achieves when she consecutively sweeps the four annual grand slam tournaments — the Australian Open in January, the French Open in May, Wimbledon in July, and the US Open in August/September — in a single calendar year).The next great tennis rivalry had arrived — or so many people thought.However, Sharapova’s 2004 win at the WTA Tour Championships was the last time she won a professional match against Williams.She did go on to win four more Grand Slam tournaments against other opponents, showing that she’s still a very skilled tennis player.Instead of becoming Williams’s only formidable rival, Sharapova became the subject of a different narrative: Though she could seemingly beat anyone named Serena Williams, whenever the two faced off, people questioned whether she might once again tap into the Wimbledon magic she’d had in 2004.

From that tournament on, the hype surrounding Sharapova was that she was one of the few players who could beat Williams and challenge her greatness.At Wimbledon in 2004, that up-and-comer was Maria Sharapova.Sharapova, then 17, was touted as the next big thing — a blonde, Siberian-born, Nick Bollettieri-trained ball striker with a peacock-like grunt who could hit as hard as anyone on the women’s tour.Instead, what Sharapova and Williams have is a feud.And it’s a feud that has captivated tennis fans and sportswriters even when the women’s matches have not.

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