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Holly appeared flabbergasted at their fresh-faced appearance as she said: 'I don't think we've changed but I look at it and we've got so old!'She went onto reveal the premise of the show and a naughty secret: 'We were sat at a bar, having a cocktail or two or three!One lucky lad will be Holly’s choice, the other Fearne’s but both will go on a date with the lonely heart at exclusive London restaurant Hell’s Kitchen.Before the girls set out to find Mr Right for tonight’s subject, they hope to build up a picture of exactly what the Bristol gardener is looking for.going on and you and I were just there - watching other people going on a date, eating all the nice food and having something lovely to drink."No wonder it only lasted for one series.I wonder why...""They couldn't deal with the bar budget at the end of the show! "It was a one-hit wonder, but lots of fun."Maybe it was just the wrong timing?

Fearne admitted that the TV duo had spent most of their time "sat at a bar drinking a cocktail". " with Fearne adding: "They couldn't deal with the bar bill at the end of the show!But will it be Holly or Fearne who has the magic touch to find the perfect love match? Fearne – standing in for host Lorraine Kelly – was delighted to welcome her close pal to the show, as they sat down to chat about family life and shared their frustration over their husbands' love of football.Their long-standing friendship is one of the most iconic in showbiz.And Holly Willoughby was feeling reflective of her union with Fearne Cotton as they sat down for a chat on Tuesday morning's episode of Lorraine while wowing audiences with a very retro throwback.

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"Chester has that growing up as well, so I am in trouble. It's not even just one team that Dan follows, he will watch anything. "." Holly added: "I don't think we have changed then I look at that and we have!